Solar Gateway

  • Smart-con middleware embedded
  • Local area energy consumption data monitoring
  • Data graph visualization
  • Device status monitoring
  • Network status monitoring
  • Peak power control
  • Parameter & mode setup

Solar Local Controller

  • Networking device
  • Server <- >gateway interface : Ethernet
  • Gateway <-> Local controller interface : RS485
  • Installed in distribution box
  • Circuit line control by magnet switch/SSR : 8ch
  • Sensor networking by wireless Zigbee protocol
  • Power meter data Monitoring by pulse, Ethernet

Solar Local Controller

  • AC power metering device
  • Variable Voltage/Amp selection product line-up
  • Meter to meter interface : 6C telecom line
  • LCD Display
  • Installed in distribution box
  • CE, UL

Motion Sensor

  • Microwave type motion sensor device
  • Remote sensitivity parameter setup
  • Wireless interface (Zigbee) to local controller
  • Detecting area : 25~30m around
  • ID Setting rotary switch embedded

LED Dimmer (Dimming transceiver, Dimmer)

  • Digital led lighting device
  • Digital dimming level control 10 level
  • Local controller interface : Zigbee
  • LED dimming interface : RS485 , DMX
  • ID Setting rotary switch embedded
  • Embedded at LED Light

Intelligent Parking Zone Lighting Energy Management System

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